Blue Light Filter Glasses

Practice What You Preach-30 Days Using Blue light Filter Glasses. Day 2

Day 2 Of Wearing Blue Light Filtering Glasses, Starting Two Hours Before Bed.

Hot dog! Boy did I ever get a great night of sleep. Back to back excellent levels of deep sleep. I still managed 17% on 9 hours of sleep. Those are incredible numbers for me. I think these glasses are off to a better then expected start. As for REM. I was again blessed to have fun vivid dreams throughout the night. Which is always a treat. Also on this night, I was limited in my awake up time. Which is always cause for celebration. Quality of sleep is of the utmost importance. I was very tired when I went to bed. I don’t usually go to bed this early but maybe the glasses are helping to facilitate sleepiness at the right time. I give this night about an 8 out of 10 on sleep quantity and quality. I awoke refreshed and feeling good.

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