Blue Light Filter Glasses

Practice What You Preach-30 Days Using Blue light Filter Glasses. Day 1

Day 1 Of Wearing Blue Light Filtering Glasses, Starting Two Hours Before Bed.

Last night was the first night wearing my blue light filtering glasses before bed and I must say it  has a very pleasant hue. My eyes feel so

much less strain while wearing them. Use them while driving to reduce glare on the road at night or use them in front of the computer screen. As for sleep aides, in theory, they are supposed to help with more deep sleep. So upon waking this morning, I checked my fitbit for my sleep report. And although I woke a few time throughout the night. I had great vivid dreams and I got about 18% deep sleep, which is phenomenal for me. I often don’t receive percentage of deep sleep some nights which means I don’t even get 10% most nights. As you can see in the pictures of my sleep report, we’re off to a great start with the glasses. Especially with deep sleep. Hopefully we can maintain that level of deep and decrease my awake time over the next month. I’ll report back every day for the entire month.


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